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WorkChest, Pakistan’s premier freelancing marketplace, is experiencing steady growth in popularity. The platform serves as a conduit for employers to connect with highly skilled and talented Pakistani freelancers for a wide range of online work opportunities. Pakistan is a major player in the global freelancing industry, ranking among the top five countries for this type of work. By facilitating the influx of foreign currency through freelancing, WorkChest plays a vital role in supporting the Pakistani economy.


“WorkChest is thrilled to announce that to date, 100,000 individuals have joined the WorkChest community. The marketplace continues to attract a growing number of users, with over 100 projects being posted daily. These projects range across a diverse range of categories, including web development, logos and branding, SEO, WordPress, eCommerce, art and illustration, and social media marketing, to name a few. WorkChest is committed to providing a platform that connects businesses and individuals with skilled professionals to help bring their projects to life.” The Team of WorkChest Said :

Our singular aim is to bridge the gap between Pakistani talent and the global community, with the ultimate goal of elevating it to new heights

Team WorkChest

Notable features

WorkChest boasts a variety of distinctive features, including:

  • WorkChest allows for customization of the platform with the option to include the name of the user’s company, a feature not commonly found on other freelancing websites.
  • The platform offers the ability to add team members, providing a valuable benefit for businesses and agencies looking to expand their reach and secure projects in various fields.
  • The dashboard includes a “Social Network Tour” feature, enabling users to create posts and connect with others in a manner similar to popular social media networks.
  • WorkChest offers a friends list feature, akin to that of Facebook, which is a rarity among freelancing websites.

The conception behind

Hisham Sarwar has played a significant role in the development and promotion of freelancing in Pakistan. Through his YouTube channel and through the virtual university’s DG Skill course, he has trained a significant number of individuals in the skills necessary for freelancing. In addition to his efforts in freelancing, Sarwar is also the owner of a software house called Infomist Services and serves as the full-time CEO. Furthermore, it was through his initiative that the concept of a Pakistani Freelance Marketplace was realized. He expressed :

I have been developing and dedicating significant time and effort to my marketplace idea since June 2014. This concept was initially conceptualized a few years prior, but gained significant momentum in its development and implementation in June 2014. I have integrated various features, such as bidding systems, as well as utilized social networking platforms like Facebook to enhance the user experience. It is important to note that this statement is not an exaggeration.

Hisham Sarwar
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Hisham Sarwar

How to become a member?

Users can join WorkChest as either a freelancer or an employer by creating an account. To do so, click the “Join” button in the upper right corner of the website and select the appropriate option. Fill in the required information to complete the account creation process. Once a profile is created, freelancers can add their offered services (such as graphic design or digital marketing) to their profile, and employers can post projects or bid on projects.

Why Choose WorkChest?

When discussing Fiverr and Upwork, it is important to note that there is a high level of competition in these marketplaces. As they are global platforms, it can be challenging for new users to secure clients. In contrast, WorkChest, though a newer marketplace, currently has less competition and is specifically geared toward Pakistani users. Additionally, a benefit of utilizing WorkChest is that it may alleviate some of the payment concerns that are prevalent on other marketplaces due to its focus on local users.


In conclusion, the launch of WorkChest, Pakistan’s premier Freelance Marketplace, offers a unique and highly efficient solution for connecting employers and freelancers. The platform allows freelancers to showcase their expertise by offering a wide range of packages, while employers can easily browse and purchase these services online. To ensure maximum financial security for all parties involved, a robust escrow system has been implemented. The success of WorkChest can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the team, as well as the support of those who believed in this innovative concept. As the platform continues to target the Pakistani market, further growth and success are expected in the future.

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