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A new rumor has just leaked regarding the Apple iPhone 14 series. Apparently, the iPhone 14 series, which will be launched later this year, will come with the option of satellite connectivity for emergencies conditions.

Recently, we also heard about a similar satellite feature for the Apple Watch. The main reason for incorporating this feature is to allow users to send messages or access emergency services in an emergency that actually happens. This feature will allegedly include “emergency contact messages” to send short messages using satellite connections to the areas where there are no cellular signals.

By the way of explanation, the brand seems to want to incorporate this feature into its other products as well. Interestingly, the iPhone 13 series was also rumored to come with such technology, although it was dropped on the iPhone 13 series. Therefore, it’s not sure whether Apple include this feature in iPhone 14 lineup or not. However, Mark Grumman’s latest news says otherwise.

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With the help of satellite connectivity, users will be able to send text messages via the satellite network to report accidents or any other emergency situation. The feature only works with the brand’s same watch using the Apple ecosystem. Overall, it will be a great help to Apple users who find themselves trapped in some of the worst situations, and probably even save lives because Apple has a history to save lives with their smartwatches.

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