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User’s Favourite Tech companies including Twitter make April’s fool their users on 1st April 2022. These companies fool their audience by manipulating their tweets. Most of the user believed that it was real but the later users understands that companies make them April’s fool and most of the fans was very disappointed. They didn’t expect this from their favorite companies.

The first company was Xiaomi which tweets their Twitter handle on Xiaomi India and hints in the tweets that they are going to launch their new tablet. But later they tweeted on Twitter and that was not the Tab. They made a joke video about releasing the Confiboost mint tablet.

The Second Company was Nothing which has been established a few months ago. They Tweeted on 31 March and told their fans that they are going to announce some big tomorrow but on the 1st they didn’t announce anything.

The only manipulated tweet that fans hurt a lot is twitter’s own tweet. They tweeted on Twitter and said that they are working on the edit button on Twitter. and most of the fans believed that it’s real Because every social media provides an edit button except a few companies including Twitter. But later They realized that they have been fooled by their favorite tech company.

The famous Youtube marques Brownlee known as MKBHD criticized Twitter and he said in their tweet that “I hate this”

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