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Intel announced the 12th gen processor Core i9-12900KS at CES 2022, This time it can run at 5.5GHz max frequency. It’s good news for gamers that they can use up to two cores to get ultimate gaming performance.

The architecture of the processor is the same as Core i9-12900k, with 16 cores and 24 threads along 30 ml L3 cache memory. The main difference is that it has a higher frequency up to 5.5 GHz compared to the previous one which was 5.2 GHz. It also has a higher TDP which is 150W compared to the previous one which was 125W.

Intel divided 16 cores into two sections, 8 cores for performance and the rest of 8 cores are for efficiency. It’s compatible with the z690 motherboard and intel recommends using with latest Bios to get the best smooth experience.

This special edition processor will be available starting April 5 at $739. It will also be sold combined into systems of OEM.

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