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Amoled Monitor or Tech is Very Expensive. Everyone cannot afford that. If you are a content lover and love watching Tv Shows and movies then you need to try these settings and you will truly feel like you watching content on Amoled Tv.

Setting for Intel HD Graphics

First right-click on the desktop and choose the “Graphic Properties” option. After that click on Display then choose Color Setting. In Basic change the Gamma value from 1 to 0.9.

After that Click on Advance and change the Saturation Value from 0 to between 40 to 50. Now you are Done. Now you can enjoy punchy color watching content.

Setting for Nvidia Graphics

In Nvidia Graphics, Go to Display and Select “Adjust Desktop Colour Setting”. Now increase the value of vibrance between 70 to 80 and also increase the contrast value between 70 to 80. In Nvidia, increasing contrast value will give you the true feel of deep black which we cannot get in Intel HD Graphics.


It is a disclaimer that only uses these settings when you watch content like youtube videos and Tv Show etc. If you are a content creator and you use graphic software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator then don’t use these settings. If you use these settings using software, you will be manipulated by selecting colors.

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